Youth Nutrition And Fitness

Do you always feel lethargic? Are you preparing to give your SATs or GMAT or pursuing your dream college or job? Are you struggling with extra weight on your body which you are unable to lose, even after trying all diets?

What if PAYAL fixed your cravings, helped you lose up to 8 kgs in 1 month and also helped to keep it off for life? How would that make you feel?

How does Payal operate?


Her mission has been to create balance through nutrition & fitness and transform bodies & lives, leaving one looking youthful, lean, energetic & happy till eternity.

Nutrition and fitness are the most important aspects of life and growth since birth. An infant needs her mother’s milk as soon as she or he is born, needs to play around and move her hands and legs to digest the milk and feel hungry again. This intake and output goes on till we breathe! That's no rocket science.

Food helps us become geniuses and remain disease free, and fitness helps us stay youthful, energetic and lean for the rest of our lives. Then why does one gain weight every year and look older even after using the most expensive beauty products?

Well, because only normal food and fitness is not enough. You need super foods and fluids, and kickass fitness routines to be wow! Only regular does not work.

So what does one need to do to get correct nutrition and competing fitness?

The knowledge of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and many other integrated elements of nourishment will propel the youth of the nation to have direction, goals and empowerment.

Unless you are empowered, you will not be able to make the right decisions in life with a focused approach, not only regarding food choices but across all other aspects of life too. Brain fog, lethargy, malnutrition and obesity will be your hurdles for life if you are just aimlessly on a diet, as opposed to being empowered and guided personally by the holistic nutritionist and health coach PAYAL KOTHARI.

So how would it feel to be good at math or economics or have your dream job with a 7 digit salary, but not have the lung capacity, fitness levels or muscle strength to enjoy golf, white water rafting or scuba diving with your colleagues or loved ones? Would all that money mean anything at all? What if you couldn't enjoy a trek or a racket sport at 30 because you are obese, have a beer belly or a muffin top? How boring would that life be? How would you release all your feel good hormones to feel good, to enjoy the income you are earning in your mid 20s?

Imagine if you were empowered by nutritionist PAYAL KOTHARI, who belongs to one of the world's largest nutrition schools, and had lean muscle mass and an awesome physique envied by friends and colleagues.

Payal has been empowering hundreds of youth under her 12 weeks of body and life transformations program, where everyone who is under her guidance understands the importance of nutrition and transforms their bodies into celebrity bodies they have always only dreamt of.

12 weeks to be disease free, successful, youthful, charismatic, energetic and enjoy longevity!

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