Transformations For Women

When you are centered,
You let your inner light shine BRIGHT,
You WILL tap into your LIMITLESS ENERGY,
You WILL BE your best self and pursue your DREAMS to the fullest.

With this realization, Payal Kothari has been transforming the physical and mental health of many women for more than 10 years now. These women come from dramatically different genetic backgrounds, but have similar health problems like obesity, malnutrition, depression, anxiety, poor lifestyle, etc.

Empowering women from her own life lessons from the last 20 years,

Payal designs programs based on healing the 1st brain, the 2nd brain (the gut) & living a holistic, healthy & successful life. Her own experience, education on nutrition, and insights on latest scientific breakthrough give her an edge in cultivating healthy habits.

She encourages her clients to adopt a 360 degree approach, which is based on the balance of nutrition and exercise, as a lifestyle choice rather than a passing trend.

Payal's unwearying advice to her clients has been to choose consistency over yo-yo diets to get ever-evolving results that make one stronger, leaner and confident, and turn them into the best version of themselves.


Her misson has been to create balance wherever there is imbalance in the body and help one transform their body & life. Her endeavor is to offer her clients permanent solutions for weight management, anti-aging solutions & disease prevention.

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