Teens & Tweens

We need super Healthy kids and Teens!

My Passion Is Fighting A Big, Ugly, Enemy! Obesity, Malnourishment & Unhealthy Foods

Why Do You Need An Integrative Nutritionist/coach?

Beatles - the band before & after a coach!


  • Raw and not very clean
  • Laughed at private jokes and shouted
  • They would eat, talk and hit each other during stage performances
  • They were scruffy in their leather jackets & dirty jeans, But
  • They had charisma, talent, magnetism, plenty of drive and ambition


  • Mentored Them And Heightened Their Capabilities
  • Dressed Them In Dapper Suits And Trendy Haircuts
  • No Swearing, No Eating And No Fighting On Stage
  • Made A Business Plan And Made Sure Everyone Got Paid
  • They Conquered The World Within 2 Years
  • World's Most Successful Band
  • Topped Various Charts In The 60s

The reason i am giving you this metaphor is because inside your brain you have ambitions - athletes, scientists, actors, unruly needs too. Your "early Beatles" resides deep in the center of your brain, in your hypothalamus. This nut-size organ is responsible for hunger, nutrition, thirst, sex, and anger. And if there is one thing it needs, it is a manager, a health coach!

12 Weeks Of Transformations With Payal Kothari

The world has a double burden of Obesity and malnourishment!

Food has merely become a craving satisfying product instead of being an energising, nourishing & healing magician.

Why is the youth of India and of the world out of shape, unfit & diseased instead of being in superb shape, fit to take on any challenges and disease free? Why is anxiety, depression and pill popping behaviour so common instead of teenagers and young adults being confident, charismatic and using food as the magic pill?


Her mission has been to create balance through nutrition & fitness and transform your body & life to look youthful, lean, energetic, successful & happy till eternity

12 weeks to be disease free, successful, youthful, charismatic, energetic and enjoy longevity!

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