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‘Freshman 15’ is a term used loosely in homes, schools and universities abroad, and recently in India. The term ‘Freshman 15’ indicates that when students leave their parents’ homes to go to universities, locally or internationally, they tend to gain 15 pounds in their first year or freshman year of university.

These 15 pounds are gained out of anxiety, sudden freedom, and available choices of fast food chains. This weight sometimes can be invisible and misleading, and they realise this only after the clothes start to fit tight and the friends around them start to pass nasty comments.

So to avoid weight gain in the first year of university life, it is better to equip them, than deal with it later which is much harder. Most never manage to lose that extra unwanted weight ever.

Leading workshops is one of Payal Kothari’s biggest & most successful ways of empowering teenagers & the youth of our country - to accelerate their learning, scholarships and athletic motivation.

Payal empowering them with her knowledge from the world’s largest school of nutrition is the icing on the cake for the students.

An interactive talk about the nutritional value of the foods that they eat & that are available so loosely in the market would make sure they are moving towards the correct direction to rule the world of achievements.

Empowerment Of Nutrition & Fitness

  • How can you take advantage of foods and fitness to achieve your results & scholarships?
  • What are food cravings & how can they be handled?
  • Nutritional value of the foods we eat
  • What are simple & complex carbohydrates?
  • How can good fats help your brain recharge?
  • How can proteins be the building blocks of your body?
  • Which energy system do you need to be an athlete?
  • How can sports nutrition champion your cause?
  • How to rewire your mind, body & spirit & live an optimal life?
  • Why is fitness so important?
  • Why can't we store fitness?
  • How to make vision boards, mind maps & journaling

Students react well to being granted greater responsibility and being treated like adults, which is very important in developing their personality, leadership skills & confidence. Knowing which food does what, when eaten in more or less quantities would add value to their lives.

So to avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ syndrome, let’s equip our students with the power of food and fitness, over lethargy, brain fog and depression.

The workshops are for 1 hour 45 minutes, including some yummy, quick hacks to healthy food demonstrations which they can make in no time.


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