Transformations For Men

Men’s bodies are structurally different from each other - extremely bio – individual. Today, due to bad food habits and zero fitness attitude more and more men are experiencing BURN – OUTS with increased waist sizes and rapid weight gain post their 20s! Teneagers & university students are experiencing the same - rapid weight gain! Poor nutrition and no movement can lead to an onset of early heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle loss, obesity, high blood pressure, extended waist sizes, beer bellies, premature aging, boredom and social disconnect in their early 30s.

However, isn't it amazing that our ancestors did not complain of BURN – OUTS? They never had health issues or fatigue, never even took a day off! Yet today, be it a teenager or a fully grown man he feels lethargic, obese, develops man-boobs, has brain fog & goes through midlife crisis at a young age INSTEAD of exuding radiance, vitality, charisma, energy, synergy and superior capabilities at his age.


Her mission has been to create balance through nutrition & fitness and transform bodies & lives, leaving one looking youthful, lean, energetic & happy till eternity.

Payal empowers you and is equipped with ancestral tools & techniques, post modern nutrition about super foods & fluids, and fitness & emotional wellness.

She designs programs which help men get fit, build lean muscle & proportionate, masculine bodies along with dynamic energy levels, vitality 24/7 for 365 days, maintaining a phenomenal work/life balance as Payal has trained under the world's largest nutrition school in New York & many more stalwarts of the wellness industry.

Crux of the Transformation

  • To create balance wherever there is imbalance in the body and help one transform their body & life in 12 weeks only
  • Her focus for you will be disease prevention, anti-aging, success, happiness, permanent solutions for weight management & longevity
  • Healing the 1st brain & 2nd brain (the gut), with super nutrition to super charge you integrating primary foods & secondary foods
  • Just living is normal, and normal is boring! Get healthy, wealthy & wise!
  • The crux of her program is to create sync between the brain and the gut, so you are intuitive in taking decisions with harmony between your mind & body, stress hardy & supercharged for life
  • Stress can either be one’s friend or enemy. Understanding this, Payal works to keep the stress hormone cortisol under control with phytonutrients and exercise, leading to efficiency at work and increased productivity, zero absenteeism at work or at play.
  • Transformations with Payal in the lives of her clients are of quantum leaps & incomparable
  • Understanding that healthy habits and routines play a huge role in these transformations, Payal will handhold you through your journey to bring about sustainable & permanent results
  • These transformations help one to strike a work-life balance
  • Beautiful life full of adrenaline rush for adventure sports & journey with their loved ones

PS : If you cannot enjoy the benefits of having worked so hard for years, illness prevents you from enjoying your life at 30, 40, 50, 60 years & when you finally retire you cannot enjoy adventure sports, like white water rafting, scuba diving or trekking, holidays with loved ones, what was the whole purpose of earning millions of dollars & neglecting your health?

One needs to keep fit and stay healthy at an early age to prevent diseases, prevent aging, prevent obesity - prevention is key. Because you cannot store fitness! With today's frantic travel schedules and demanding careers, it gets difficult to stay healthy and have energy levels that can match up to your hectic schedules. Therefore, sometimes with hectic schedules, if one can’t find time for exercise, food is the magic pill which Payal can empower you with.

Her own experience, education on nutrition, and insights on latest scientific breakthrough give her an edge in cultivating healthy habits and equipping one with healthy food options even whilst travelling.

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