Leverage Of Healthy Living

Leverage of healthy living is designed to supercharge the company's performance and success, both professionally and personally. Like a powerful amour that supports the employees' health and internals as you climb higher and higher in your quest to expand your potential and contribute to the company's fortune and success. This is a bio-individual program where one man's food can be another man's poison, so each employee is scanned and given personal attention and empowered.

The power of an engaged mind and heart is unlimited, but YOU ARE A LIMITED RESOURCE! HOW do you FUEL THAT MIND & BODY?

Payal's Philosophy

Would you put diesel in a gasoline engine and expect it to run? That's what many are guilty of doing on a daily basis, consciously and unconsciously. Instead of Down to Earth natural, unprocessed foods that heal, we fuel our bodies with processed, unhealthy packaged foods that evolutionary science has proven to make your body run less efficiently.

Nutrition & fitness work together to promote cellular growth, repair and increase energy allowing the body to function optimally. Employees will be better equipped to manage any challenges that come their way at work and outside.

Imagine if you ate a nutrient dense, fat-filled, tasty diet and lost weight in the process, you would feel totally sated.

Balancing your hormones, weight, sleep, and body mass and sex life and transforming your life, progress and success at work.


Her mission has been to create balance through nutrition & fitness and transform bodies & lives, leaving one looking youthful, lean, energetic & happy till eternity.

To unleash, empower and co-create Integrative Wellness for your employees, through transformations in nutrition, physical exercise & circle of life, which will enhance focus, skills & attitude at work and across their lifestyle.

Heighten resourceful states that will amplify positive, ground breaking results and opportunities for your company with a modern nutrition theory from the world's largest nutrition school, we are your change agents!!


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