My daughter, Nafeesa, has clearly understood how to pick and choose her foods, how to manage cravings and create a balanced workout regime which fits into her school routine. At the age of 9, she can now identify healthy foods from unhealthy foods, sugar spike and mood swing issues along with how to grow vertically up rather than horizontally. "

Murtaza Tinwala

"Intrigued by her eating habits, I adopted Payal Kothari’s suggestions on the right nutrition, and released 8kgs of body weight in just 1 month, happily and with minimal effort! Having experienced the transformation myself, here’s my advice: if you love yourself and want to feel healthy and energetic all day, book your health counseling session with Payal Kothari today! Now! Just do it!"

Nidhika Bahl Author I Entrepreneur I Elite Speaker I The Success Coach

"Today I could skydive in Spain only because I lost more than 20 kgs with Payal in 4 months. It was possible only because of her. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to do it if I hadn’t become fitter than what I was. "


"We sincerely appreciate Payal’s dedication, knowledge, experience and a different style of working. My son reduced more than 15 kgs weight within only 3 months. Receiving timely feedback from Payal with practical knowledge of what to eat, how to cook, is the reason to his weight loss success. He is now physically and mentally healthy and happy. Thanks once again."

Arvind M Darji Senior Partner, AMD & CO. Chartered Accountants

"I have met umpteen number of nutritionists and health coaches, I haven’t come across someone like Payal who works with food and body’s intuition. While I was looking to scale up, my body didn’t support me, but she just did it all by introducing the foods best meant for my body. I have her on my panel of experts and all my clients go through her sessions while they are going through an alteration of inside-out alignment of mind and life."

Nakshi Satra A Toast to Life

"I really love how Payal educates people with food and which is why we know what and how to eat. It is only because of her that I can proudly tell people I am eating healthy, and it is for me. I can say no to the food I once absolutely loved. Seeing Payal makes me so happy because not only does she handle my health issues, but also my skin problems and my mental health. I have easily lost 10 kgs in 2 months. Today, only because of her, I feel amazing. I feel more confident and even though I am still far from the target, I feel like I am close."


"Payal Kothari was able to help me work toward my health goals by providing me with knowledge about foods and encouraging me to improve my lifestyle choices. I have experienced several notable changes in my health with greater energy, less physical pain and restful sleep. I would recommend health coach Payal, if you are ready to see real improvement in your health and are willing to commit to make that change a success."

Parul Shah

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